Our Story

A Glimpse of Builders of Egypt Forum

Since 2014, Builders of Egypt Forum has always been the largest event ever of mega importance for key construction, building materials, and contracting players in Egypt and Africa, driven by the government’s extended support to boost the investment ecosystem in construction and sustainable development.

Why Should Attend?

The Forum always pursues to act as the most popular destination for the construction, building materials, and contracting industries and +100 related economic sectors. It brings together high-profile economic officials, business community representatives, banking, financial, and real estate leaderships, and of course enjoys a distinguished government presence like every year.

Our Ultimate Goals

Held annually, the Forum brings together key stakeholders to discuss developments in building materials and construction, serving as a platform to address emerging areas of focus and trends affecting the industry in Egypt

Addresses the impact of state national projects on achieving sustainable development
Discusses obstacles and challenges that impede the progress of the development schemes
keep abreast of the latest developments in development and reconstruction schemes
development charts
Examine the barriers and challenges to national inclusive development schemes